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AKG introduces the GuitarBug to the WMS 40 range of wireless products

AKG GuitarBug At Winter NAMM show 2009, booth #7800, AKG introducted the GuitarBug transmitter, which provides superb audio quality and performance at a competitive price. The GuitarBug is part of the WMS 40 Pro family of products, which is well known for it’s miniature transmitters and quality sound.
GB 40 FLexx operates with a single AAA battery providing more than 11 hours of operation. The frequency response is optimized for guitar and bass. The GuitarBug can also be used for keyboards and all instruments with a jack plug. The patented FlexxJack-Plug is an additional feature to allow for extended flexibility by matching all guitar outputs with an included long adapter jack.
The GB 40 GuitarBug offers a user-friendly interface that has the ability to turn a guitar, bass, or portable keyboard into a wireless instrument. The FlexJack swivel jack plug will co-exist with any type of output jack and is spring loaded to hold the GB 40 securely against the instrument. In addition, the diminutive size of the GB 40 makes it virtually invisible and will not interrupt the musician’s ability to effectively perform with the transmitter in place. Additionally, the GB 40 is placed on top of the instrument's output jack allowing the musician to easily control the noiseless on/mute/off switch and gain control.
The GB 40 Flexx will be available as single version and as 'guitar-set' version with a stationary receiver SR 40 Flexx.
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