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Blackstar Series One of all-tube guitar amplifiers at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009

The Winter NAMM show 2009 saw the first presentations of the much anticipated, new hand wired models of the UK designed and Asia made Blackstar guitar amplifiers, the Series One. Along with the models which made Blackstar rising in 2008, Series One was highlighted at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009, Germany, and will be showcased at LIMS 2009, London, stand J18. The Series One 200 head uses KT88 valves to produce 200W of guitar power, the model 100 head generates 100W from an EL34 power stage, while the 45W combo represents the compact end of Blackstar's Series One range, also equipped with EL34 tubes at the output stage. The Series' dual patent design is the result of research by one of the most experienced design teams in the industry. The built in DPR power reduction system allows reduction to any level down to a fraction of the rated power with no loss in tone or valve reliability and the ISF control provides tonal flexibility beyond that of any traditional tone control system. All models' pre-amps are designed using ECC82 and ECC83 valves.
By switching both preamplifier and power amplifier parameters the Series One 45W delivers both Class A style tones with a bell-like ring and classic push-pull crunch depending on the mode selected. DPR can reduce the power down to 4.5W. The combo amp also features MIDI switching, series effects loop, clean channel with Warm (Class A) and Bright (Plexi) type modes, overdrive channel with Crunch and Super Crunch modes, ISF equipped tone control section.
The Series One 100 head trusts on the classic 100W power stage with four EL34s. Two channels and four footswitchable modes, complete with ISF, include Super Crunch. The DPR control allows power to be reduced to 10W for studio and small venue work, while a series effects loop and MIDI switching further expand the flexibility of this professionally specified amplifier.
Four selected KT88 power valves form the backbone of the 200W high gain Series One 200 head and provide very high dynamics and head-room. The DPR control allows the power to be reduced down to 20W. The deceptively simple preamp section has four channels (6 modes) which are further augmented by dual ISF controls.
Blackstar Series One 200 Stack
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