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Kaplan Viola A string and full cello set offerings by D'Addario

At Summer NAMM show 2009 in Nashville, booth #1401, D’Addario introduces the new Kaplan Viola A and Kaplan Cello Set. The Kaplan Viola A, aimed to the most discerning musicians, answers the need for a richer and warmer sound on high register. The Kaplan full cello set is a natural extension to the high-end D’Addario cello line.
The Kaplan Viola A string offers a rounder, richer sound. It is available in two tensions. Medium allows heavy bow pressure without any risk of saturation or loss of quality tone, while light tension gives additional response and tone subtleties in fast and light bowing. “While designing these new viola strings, we were looking for a strong personality combined with a blossoming, rich sound,” comments Claire Stefani, Bowed Product Manager and Regional Sales Manager. “In other words, a true viola sound! These strings have a lot to offer to any violist.”
The construction of Kaplan cello set allows heavy bow pressure without losing sound clarity in softest dynamics. The overall sound of the set is well balanced, rich and complex. Kaplan cello A and D strings utilize a solid steel core and tonally adjusted damping for optimum sound quality. The titanium-wound A and nickel-wound D strings (formerly known as “Kaplan Solutions”) produce a full and clear tone. The new stranded steel core/tungsten-wound G and C strings, offer a great “bite” under the bow and a beautiful and blossoming sound. The Kaplan Cello set is available in medium tension and full size, while individual strings are available in all three tensions and full size.
“The Kaplan cello strings result from a rigorous regimen of research and testing with influential cellists and luthiers,” continues Claire Stefani. “These strings offer projection and balance, richness and complexity: a true new sound alternative for the most demanding musicians.”
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