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Powerhouse WTB1000 and compact bass amps by Eden at Summer NAMM 09

Eden WTB100
At Summer NAMM show 2009 in Nashville, Eden Electronics announced the introduction of the WTB1000 World Tour Black Series amplifier, the ENX260, EN8micro, WTX500 and WTX1000N amplifiers.
Combining the elements of several different Eden preamps, the WTB1000 includes the footswitchable Tube control of the Navigator and the Dynamic Boost function of the WT405. This is the first Eden amp to include a footswitchable graphic. Combine these features with the Stereo or Bridged mono power section of the WT800 and you have a high-powered amplifier to cover any style or tone. The WTB1000 is capable of delivering up to 2 X 400/600 RMS at 4 Ω with a peak power of 2400 W.
The ENX260 and EN8micro are part of the Eden Nemesis Series and the WTX500 and WTX1000 are part of the World Tour Series.
The ENX260 is the smaller brother of the new WTX500 and is designed for players who need a full-featured affordable amplifier that will fit in the pocket of the average gig bag. Featuring a switching power supply, you can use it anywhere in the world without having to convert the voltage. Just attach the appropriate power cord and the amp automatically adjusts itself to the local voltage.
The new 40W EN8micro features an Eden designed 8” speaker and is aiming at new players who don’t want to spend a fortune but want to get a feel for their sound. The EN8micro is designed to remain an exceptional small home practice amp for years to come.
Eden EN8Micro
Eden WTX100N
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