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Steinberger Synapse series packed with innovative features

Steinberger, part of the Gibson family of brands, launched three exclusive collections of new Steinberger Synapse Models at the Winter NAMM show 2005 in Anaheim.
The Synapse Collection features 2 EMG humbuckers and a 25.5" scale length. The Synapse TransScale Collection offers a 27.85" scale length with integrated rolling capo, along with 2 EMG humbucking pickups, piezo bridge pickup and active EQ. The Synapse Bass Collection sports active EQ, a proprietary piezo bridge pickup system and is currently available in a 5 string with 4 and 6 string models to follow.
Ned Steinberger earned his place among the all-time great musical instrument designers with his headless bass design, featuring carbon-graphite materials, introduced in 1979. In 1987 Steinberger Sound joined the Gibson family. Gibson and Epiphone continued to offer Steinberger basses and guitars, although Ned was not affiliated with the company through the 1990s. In 2003, Ned reunited with Steinberger, bringing with him a decade's worth of innovative ideas for guitars and basses. Those ideas are embodied in the new Synapse line.
"The new Synapse line has the greatest number of improvements and innovative features of any guitars or basses since Ned's original headless models," said Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson Chairman and CEO. "We are excited to be working closely with Ned again and to showcase his inventive genius with the Synapse models."
Cybrosonic technology Combines the patented Steinberger Graphite U-channel with a truss rod to create an ultra-stable yet adjustable "hybrid" neck with the same definition, clarity and focus you've come to expect from Steinberger but with the added "warmth" of a 1-piece hard maple neck. Phenolic fingerboard made of a highly stable composite material that works in conjunction with CybroSonic technology to give the Synapse guitar consistent feel and sustain as well as brilliant harmonics with no dead spots. With the patented TranScale Capo in the "resting" position, the Synapse is a 28.5" scale guitar with thundering bass and complex baritone voicings. Roll the Capo up and you can change scale length "on the fly" creating new and unique voicings and tonal qualities. Combo headpieces allow the use of both double-ball and single-ball strings. Other features include USA EMG pickups with custom active electronics, a strap hook for perfect instrument balance and position, patented 40:1 direct drive tuners, zero-fret intonation, proprietary under-saddle piezo system, recessed tool holder, adjustable pickup stabilizers, recessed output jack and fold-down leg rest.
Steinberger Synapse TransScale guiter
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