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LP expands its Rio Brazilian percussion line

The popular LP Rio Brazilian percussion line welcomes four new drums, each offering the sound and feel that Brazilian aficionados demand. LP has designed the drums to reflect the LP commitment to indigenous tones and traditions while adhering to contemporary durability standards.
The LP Rio Brazilian 10" Pandeiro with Skin Head projects an indigenous rhythmic sound that balances the sonorities of the drum and jingles. A natural skin head, the choice of Brazilian percussion masters, sits atop an ample 10" diameter, 1-3/4" deep premium hardwood shell that makes it easy to hold and manipulate. Six circumference screws provide tuning stability. Five sets of traditional Pandeiro jingles are positioned to balance the instrument. A carry bag is included.
Ramp up the resonance with the LP Rio Brazilian 12" Pandeiro, an instrument with a 1-3/4" deep hardwood shell ribbed with seven sets of Pandeiro jingles. A special head offers deep fundamental sound with controlled overtones. The head provides the same type of sound as a taped skin head and gives this larger diameter Pandeiro with the durability and projection required at vibrant musical scenarios. A carry bag is included.
The new LP Rio Brazilian 18" Surdo will produce the essential muted and open bass tones that set march tempo and define the basic loping "two-feel" of Samba. The LP Rio Brazilian Surdo comes in two models: a wood shell (LP3018) and an aluminum shell (LP3118). Wood shells project earthy, low frequencies with solid attack, while aluminum shells balance volume, sensitivity, and a wide frequency palette. Both drums deliver robust tones thanks to 22" x 18" shells. Both models include leg sets that can be removed for marching. The brackets for the legs are positioned for leg comfort. Curved rims ensure stable tuning and minimize hand trauma. The eight recessed tension screws are also "hand friendly".
LP Rio Brazilian
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