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The King of Latin Music: Tito Puente
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In June 2000 band leader, composer and percussion player Tito Puente passed away. Martin Cohen, founder of LP Music and closely working together with Puente for several decades, summed it up two years ago:  Tito IS LP!  Following are a few statements of LP staff and management about a great loss for the percussion world.
Tito defined life and art with his willingness to share his brilliant music and wonderful sense of humor with all people. Tito's lack of pretention became evident whenever he visited LP. He would always drive himself alone, and he didn't need any chauffeurs or limousines, much less an entourage.  What you see is what you get  was true when it came to dealing with Tito. (Stephan S. Nigohosian, Artist Relations Department)
His status in the music world would never come across when he was here at LP.  You where just a friend! (Linda Montanile, Administration Department)
The musical master with so many accomplishments to his credit was a warm and genuine person. Tito Puente was one of a kind. The King of Latin music made it possible for many, who otherwise would not have been aware of Latin music, to enjoy the magic, which was his life. Although it is hard to believe Tito is no longer with us, his wonderful sense of humor and brilliant musical accomplishments will long be remembered by those of us that knew him and everyone who ever heard or saw him. (Ray Tregellas, Education Department)
His music reached into your soul and took you for a thrilling ride. There was no way you could listen to his orchestra and not feel the heat! Tito was a charming, magnetic individual. Lucky for us, he leaves behind an enduring legacy of recordings that we can enjoy and remember him by. (Glynis Drakeford, Administration Department)
The Latin community of the whole world cries over the loss of our king of the timbales, Tito Puente. He left, for us, many unforgettable songs such as Oye, Como Va , but his passing leaves a big emptiness in the heart of the people that loved and admired him. His greatness and passion took his music around the world, becoming a symbol for our community. (Marlen Rabaneles, Adminstration Department)
I was very impressed by the performance he gave exclusively to the LP employees. I couldn't believe that a famous musician would take time out of his busy schedule to put on a concert for us. When I told my friends that Tito was putting on a special performance, free of charge no less, for the LP employees, no one could believe it. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see him perform and meet him. (Catherine McDermott, Executive Department)
Tito will be deeply missed but will always remain in our hearts. His music will be with us for an eternity.....the magic lives on!  Para Siempre...el Rey del Timbal,  (Forever the King of Timbales).
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