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Sonor introduces SQ2 drum system for highly individual sets

Sonor chose Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006 for the launch of their most advanced drum series ever, the SQ2 Drum System. Not only Sonor's new flagship line of drums, SQ2 also is an entirely new approach both to making drums and selecting drums. With an almost unlimited variety of shell - size - finish combinations SQ2 allows you to create your personal 'signature in sound'.
Creating your own distinctive voice in drumming cannot really be achieved by simply offering different sizes of drum shells. Sonor determined the most influential components that make up the final sound experience: selection of acoustic base material, shell construction and drum dimension. Given these options you can actually build your own SQ2 drum from scratch.
First you determine the shell material. The four specially selected acoustic materials Maple, Birch, Beech and X-Ray Acrylic respectively offer distinctive acoustic quality and dynamic range.
SQ2 kit with Walnut Roots finish
In the next step you decide upon the shell construction. For a full, mellow tone with high volume you can choose a Medium or Heavy shell. If you prefer more brilliance and versatility a Vintage or Thin shell is recommended.
Probably the hardest choice is the finish. Ranging from solid glossy to natural finishes, including fading glossy, sparkled, stained, stained glossy and more, Sonor offers about 50 beautiful outfits.
Sonor offers three types of metal finishing on all rims, lugs and mounts: Chrome, Black Chrome and Gold Plated. The new Tune Safe locking device for ensuring consistent drum head tuning is completely integrated into each lug of all SQ2 drums. By merely turning a tension rod, tension is set to an exact position. Maintaining a very loose position for example for bass drum heads is also no longer a problem.
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