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TRX introduces the Icon series of cymbals

Developed to combine the rich, warm tone of vintage cymbals with the more aggressive performance characteristics required by modern players, TRX Icon cymbals are a versatile new series of cymbals from the TRX Cymbal Co.
Icon cymbals are handcrafted in Turkey by master cymbalsmiths, featuring traditional lathing with a highly-polished, brilliant finish to create an eye-catching appearance and an ear-catching tonal range with a balance of body and projection. The cymbals are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles, including the bigger sizes and heavier weights that are preferred by many of today’s players. In addition, Icon crash cymbals come in Thin, Medium and Heavy models to give drummers an extended range of crash and crash-ride options.
The Icon Series consists of: 20-23˝ Rides; 13-15˝ Hi-Hats; 14-20˝ Thin Crashes; 16-21˝ Medium Crashes; 18-23˝ Heavy Crashes; 12-21˝ Chinas; and 8-12˝ Splashes. TRX Icons also include 14, 16, 18 and 20˝ Stackers, which are medium-thin, vented cymbals that can be used individually for crash effects or placed directly under or on top of other Icons to create the short, trashy sound that is increasingly popular in modern drumming.
TRX Icon series
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