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Gon Bops reissues classic Mariano Series Drums

Since launching the company in 1954, Gon Bops founder Mariano Bobadilla built only one line of drums that would carry his name: the Mariano Series drums were built from Philippine Mahogany and incorporated traditional counter hoops, tuning rods and side plates. They also utilized three reinforcing metal hoops around their traditional Cuban shaped shells. At the 2011 Summer NAMM show Gon Bops announced the return of that Mariano Series Congas and Bongos.
Constructed from sustainable Durian hardwood – according to Gon Bops virtually identical in performance properties to the original Philippine Mahogany – the new line uses the same traditional counter hoops, side plates, reinforcing metal hoops, and authentic Gon Bops cowhide heads as did the original classics. The natural heads and superb build quality make for a full bodied, authentic sound – from cutting slaps to big resonant bass tones.
“It’s important for us as a company to preserve our heritage and to keep this legendary model alive,” claims Gon Bops product designer and master builder Akbar Moghaddam. “Although we have incorporated subtle changes to improve these classic instruments, we’re still using the 5-ear top ring design that can also be ordered as replacement parts for the original models, as can the side plate and tension rod. This is great news for owners of vintage models!”
Mariano Series drums are available in four traditional sizes (Quinto, Conga, Tumba, Super Tumba) and Bongos are professional size 7” Macho and 8.5” Hembra.
Mariano Congas 2011
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