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Limited edition of Mapex Meridian Black 'The Raven' drum kits

The Raven is the first in a series of Meridian Black drum kits by Mapex with 'Player Designed' features directly filling the needs of the modern rock drummer. This Special Edition drum set will be limited in quantity, specific in its configuration, and unique in its look. The rich Birch/Maple shells crank out low and dark tones with a balanced attack. The inside of the shells feature the new "Interblack" finish that enhances resonance and projection.
The 22"x20" Bass drum delivers massive low end and the shallow toms speak fast. The kit boasts one tom up, 12"x08", and two toms down, a 14"x12" and 16"x14", so the player can bring in their ride cymbal close for optimal performance. A 14"x06" snare drum completes the set. The shells come wrapped in a Raven-sheen black wood grain finish, fitted with satin black hardware, and are topped with Remo drumheads. This 5 piece kit is all a player needs to be heard loud and clear, but a 10"x07" add-on tom is available for even more rock n' roll noise.
Mapex distributors around the globe receive a limited number of Raven kits for their distribution areas.
Mapex Meridian Black The Raven Drumset
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