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Sabian adds to its Xs20 line of affordable cymbals

When Sabian launched Xs20 in 2003, it was the world’s first profession B20 Bronze cymbal series at a unirolled price. Designed for beginner and professional drummers alike, Xs20 cymbals offer a professional look and sound at a smart price. Now Sabian added three key new models to the line which is designed to better fit within the average drummer’s cymbal budget.
Designed for low-volume settings, the dB Control Crash (available as 16" and 18") is a bright, extra-thin model that is quick, quiet and gets out of the way fast. Think fewer decibels, shorter sustain and big tone. For house of worship players or those recording in home or project studios, or play weddings and small clubs, the innovative dB Control Crash is designed to provide all the tone without the extra decibels and sustain.
Best-selling Sabian HHX and AAX X-Celerator Hi-Hat design will also now be available in the smartly-priced Xs20 series as a 14” pair. A very crisp and accurate set of hats, the Air-Wave bottom eliminates air lock for maximum clarity.
Last, a new 21” Xs20 21" Medium Ride delivers a balance of stick definition and wash for clean, musical tone at all volumes. Designed from the ground up to be a bread-and-butter Xs20 Ride.
Xs20 Cymbals are crafted from Saban B20 bronze and are available in natural and brilliant finish.
Sabian Xs20 Hihats
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