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Evans Min-EMAD comes in single package

Following the popularity of Evans Min-EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) six-pack, the company introduced the Min-EMAD singles at NAMM summer session 2004.
The Min-EMAD is small and unobtrusive, and attaches to the drumhead and counter hoop with Velcro. Once in place, it can be adjusted for several levels of damping. The Min-EMAD removes unwanted frequencies but retains the desired attack, tone, and feel.
The small, medium, and large Min-EMAD singles are perfect for muscians who need one or two replacements for a changed snare head, but not a whole six-pack. "The Min-EMAD singles are going to come in handy for musicians who have changed one head and need a replacement Min-EMAD, or who want to customize their sound control by selecting their own sizes," says Evans Brand Manager Mike Robinson. "The conservative price point will also allow retailers to utilize this product as a value added incentive for higher-priced products."
All sizes of Min-EMAD singles are available from September 2004.
Min-EMAD single package
08/2004 Pro-Music-News
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