Drums & Percussion

LP celebrates 40 years of percussion excellence

When designing an instrument that would adequately reflect LP's four decades of leadership, commitment, innovation, and passion, some very special drums evolved - the LP 40th Anniversary Congas and Bongos. Launched at NAMM summer session 2004,the congas are full size 30" wooden drums which are available in all three popular sizes,11" Quinto, 11-3/4" Conga, and 12-1/2" Tumbadora. They are fitted with Gold Tone Comfort Curve II Rims to enhance resonance and lessen player fatigue. The bongos have standard 7-1/4" and 8-5/8" diameter heads and are fitted with Gold Tone Comfort Curve Rims and hardware.
From the top, a blond wood with well defined grain fades gradually to a reddish amber hue and then to an ebony stain at the base of the drum. A custom designed LP 40th Anniversary Logo is inset into each drum with an innovative inlay process that is sealed with a luxurious lacquer finish. The logo's reaching strands symbolize LP's eternal quest for innovation and sonic excellence. Each drum has a unique serial number that signifies it as an official drum in the LP 40th Anniversary Series and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Even the hand selected rawhide heads are imprinted with the special LP 40th Anniversary Logo, making this drum truly collectible, while premium shell materials, Pro Care Integrated Shell Protectors and reinforced LP Side Plates ensure this drum will be speaking in a language of crisp slaps and wicked lows for easily another forty years. The congas also include a gold-toned LP Mic Lug, an accessory that makes miking the drum easy.
08/2004 Pro-Music-News
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