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Civic Center drums inspired by the 1920s

San Francisco Drum Company announces the introduction of the Civic Center line of thin shell drums, combining modern construction with classic design. Inspired by the drums used in the 1920s and 30s, the shell design delivers a sound with rich overtones. American-made parts, such as solid computer-machined tube lugs with axial inserts, and hand-finishing inside and out set these drums apart from mass-produced products. The Civic Center line includes large-diameter bass drums, snare drums, and custom kit add-on configurations. "This is an exciting time for the drummer who wants the Early Days style with the modern workmanship and components of a new drum," said Garry Williams of San Francisco Drum Company.
Instead of following the current trend of making jazz drums with a small undersize kick drum, San Francisco Drum Company recreated the larger classic sizes of the past where the influence of design traditionally came from pit orchestra or ensemble use.
Civic Center model drums utilize thin ply maple shells with reinforcing rings which produce warm resonant sound with rich overtones. Solid computer-machined tube lugs feature axial alignment of the tension rods, and all bearing edges are hand-polished to offer precise tuning capabilities typically unavailable from an antique drum. The hand finishing and detailing found on both the inside and outside of these drums is an extra effort that enhances the sound and also helps to ensure a lasting life of service for the musician.
Civic Center bass drums include clip-on spurs and hoop-mount anchors for maximum resonance when used in kit configurations. The 14" x 28" models come standard with Remo Fiberskyn, Pinstripe or Aquarian Super Kick heads and the 14" x 26" and 14" x 24"models are also available with Evans EQ3 heads.
Civic Center snare drums feature a choice of Remo , Evans or Aquarian heads, nickel strainer (other strainer models are available as custom order), optional internal muffler and a choice of Puresound or Grover snares. The thin shell design gives the drum an exceptional ringy quality normally associated with metal drums, along with a bright warm side stick.
For kit configurations, Civic Center toms are typically made on a custom-order basis to the specific requirements of the customer.
Standard finishes in the Civic Center product line include antique oil, classic wrap, and authentic piano finish, giving these modern drums a timeless appearance.
Civic Center drum kits by the San Francisco Drum Co
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