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New heads field-proven by Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps

"The new Evans MX White snare batter head is the product of a smart company willing to take the time to get it right," states Percussion Designer /Arranger and Music Coordinator for the prestigious Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps, Mike McIntosh.
The new Evans MX White marching snare batter head is causing a major buzz in the marching community. Compared to thicker heads, the MX White produces a softer feel and a rich, edgy tone with great projection and articulation. Its thin-weave Aramid Fiber and polyester construction delivers durability and playability previously unattainable in marching applications. As the name implies, the playing surface is a bright, clean white that will make any snare line look neat and professional.
The MX White snare batter head provides great projection, yet blends well with the rest of the ensemble. The heads were corps tested during the DCI Summer Music Games by McIntosh and the Bluecoats, and withstood the rigors of daily rehearsals, extreme heat, and rain, needing only minor tuning adjustments.
"Evans commitment to excellence has produced a head that excels in the studio, indoor arena, and on the football field," continues McIntosh. "The MX White snare head sounds great, feels great, and lastswhich puts this head in a class by itself!"
01/2005 Pro-Music-News
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