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US patent for RMV's Mini-Mass lug design

The RMV Drum Co. has received a U.S. Patent (#6,700,045) for its innovative Mini-Mass lug design. Featuring a combination of interlocking, injection-molded composite parts with steel lug nuts and screws, the new design is smaller and lighter than conventional die-cast lugs. Allowing increased shell vibration for a more open, more resonant drum sound Mini-Mass lugs are just as durable and reliable.
The patented RMV lug design also benefits from an acoustically-safe, integrated insulating gasket as well as a single lug screw that puts less hardware and less stress on the shell. In addition, the lugs' 3-piece assembly includes separate cover, base and lug nut retaining components that make it easy to maintain the tuning mechanism or change the lug casing to complement or contrast the drum finish.
The exclusive RMV Mini-Mass lug is now standard equipment on all RMV Sonically-Optimized Stage, Studio and Stadium-style drums.
RMV Mini Massa lug
03/2005 Pro-Music-News
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