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Portable Traps kit with double-headed bass drum and sturdy rack

Joining forces to design and produce a portable drum kit, Nigel Robinson and Chris Fletcher founded Traps Precussion in 2004. In 2005 Traps launched the A400 drum set which is both light and sturdy and plays like a traditional kit.
Traps drums are assembled in the UK. Alchemy, who make the industrial strength ABS parts used in the Traps set, are also involved in making various other parts for the likes of so make parts for Porsche, Aston Martin, Carlsberg and many others. The Traps toms have a thickness, tone and clarity to their sound which has never been found before in a portable set. Due to the design and meticulous construction of their ABS shells, but also to the rigidity of their triple-flange counter-hoops and not least to the resilience of the Remo Pinstripe heads fitted, the Traps toms sport a fat and clear tone which you would not expect with a portable kit. The drums feature traditional steel counter-hoops allowing the use of standard multi screw tuning system as well as the fitting of pads for silent practise to all the drums.
The bass drum's two heads give a realistic sound which in turn complements the sound of the music it's being used for. The drum has a sturdy metal plate firmly bolted to it's rear counterhoop and is set up so the beater of the footpedal strikes at the optimum point, the very top of the upstroke. Again this drum is fitted with Remo heads, a Powerstroke 3 on the playing side and an Ebony logo'd one on the front.
Traps' snare drum uses eight square-headed tension screws per head and the same steel counterhoops as all the other drums for cutting rimshots and thick X-stick sounds This drum has a sturdy positive throw-off with a knob at the opposite end to stretch the wires.The snare drum has Remo heads with a coated Ambassador on the playing side and a see-through version on the underside.
Bigdog hardware is supplied with Traps A400. Bass drum and hi hat pedals are rugged and free-moving, snare baskets, boom cymbal arms and drummer's throne are all constructed from triple-plated, wide-bored tubing. They have unique little touches such as blue-painted footplates, dog-bone T-screws, embossed seat squabs and footplates. The hardware features quality chain drives, memory locks, expansion springs, clutches. The solid boom arms disappear into their tubes to enable them to be stowed away easily for transportation.
A very sturdy tubular rack system hols all the drums firmly in the correct playing position. The system's bass, toms, snare and cymbals are all joined to the rack so nothing moves when you hit it. Using a hexagonal steel rod, the same tom holders keep the bass drum in position all through the gig.
The Traps kit comes with a set of cymbals including 13" hi hats, 14" crash and 18" crash ride.
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