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Sonor upgrades Force Series

Sonor Force 2005 Sonor has upgraded the Force Series with attractive new finishes, additional features and improved sound shells. The upgrades can be identified by the change to the 3005, 2005, 1005 and 505 number within the series name.
New with the Force 3005 Series is the full maple shell, delivering a warm and full tone with excellent projection. Two additional bass drum sizes and three finishes have been added.
Force 2005 drums are now made of full birch, available in two new attractive finishes. The bass drums of the Force 2005 Series feature a newly designed claw hook. The hardware set includes two cymbal boom stands.
The Force 1005 Series feature Force Tension Lugs with Tune Safe and a newly designed bass drum claw hook. The Force 1005 Sets come with a wood snare drum, a steel snare drum is also available.
The Force 505 Series is available in two new finishes, comes with an updated tom holder with a solid prism clamp mechanism and chrome-plated memory locks.
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