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TRX Cymbals introduces Turkish made brand of cymbals

Available in North America from December 1st 2005, Turkish made TRX cymbals will make their Namm debut at the Anaheim show in January 2006. Blending the classic art of Turkish cymbal making with the tonal and performance characteristics demanded by today’s players, the TRX (turks) Cymbals Co. announces the introduction of its handcrafted, premium-quality, Turkish-made cymbals.
While drummers have long been aware of the superior tone and musicality of genuine Turkish cymbals, in the past the instruments have primarily been intended for traditional players and conventional styles. Now, according to the up-and-coming cymbal company, TRX has redefined, modernized and expanded the relevance of Turkish cymbals by offering their legendary quality, consistency and variety to younger drummers and drumming styles— from Jazz, R&B and World music to Country, Punk, Pop and Rock.
To simplify the sometimes confusing cymbal selection process, TRX has developed four distinct lines that are classified on the basis of their tone quality. “DRK” cymbals feature a dark, earthy, raw finish that are lighter in weight to produce a deep, dark tone. “MDM” series cymbals are medium-weight, general-purpose cymbals with traditional hammering, lathing and buffing. Noticeably heavier in weight, the newly-developed “ALT” series cymbals incorporate a raw bell plus a unique combination of multi-level hammering and micro-lathing for increased volume and projection without sacrificing their full-bodied sound. Cymbals in the TRX “BRT” line are extra-heavy, un-lathed and highly polished to create an extremely bright, powerful sound.
The combination of designs and manufacturing methods have been developed to provide a full range of cymbals with extreme tonal characters and a highly attractive appearance. Furthermore, since they are all produced from an exclusive, B-20Plus bronze formula and handcrafted by master Turkish cymbalsmiths, every TRX cymbal not only performs brilliantly on an individual basis, each cymbal can also be easily combined with other models, sizes and series to create an unlimited variety of highly personal yet completely complementary cymbal sets.
TRX custom-crafted Turkish cymbals are available in a complete selection of types and sizes to fit the widest spectrum of sonic choices and situations.
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