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Paiste re-introduces Giant Beat cymbals

Paiste has re-introducted their legendary Giant Beat cymbals. Originally launched in the late 60s as the forerunner of the famous 2002 series, the Giant Beats were established as the world was experiencing a rapid growth of Rock music, music that convincingly emerged from the fundamentals of Blues, Folk, Country and Rock'n'Roll.
Sonically, the Giant Beats are not as cutting or aggressive as the 2002. They are rather thin cymbals with a significant amount of depth and warmth, combined with a dark, sparkling yet glassy shimmer. As soon as you strike one of these instruments, you might immediately understand why John Bonham and Nick Mason played these cymbals in the early 70s.
Although these cymbals were introduced during the expansion of rock music, Giant Beats are also a choice for Jazz drummers.
Available Giant Beat models comprise 14" and 15" hi-hat, 18" and 20" multi-functional, and 24" ride.
Giant Beat series by Paiste re-introduced
The Giant Beats can be heard by a number of today's bands like "Mando Diao" (Samuel Giers), "Kings of Leon" (Nathan Followill), and "Death Cab for Cutie" (Jason McGerr).
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