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Traps launches electronic drum set sized like a regular kit

The E400 by Traps is the first affordable electronic set to feel, play and be sized like a regular drum set. Like their A400 acoustic counterparts the drum shells are constructed from industrial grade ABS with steel counter-hoops and tensioned by the multi-screw tuning system. The difference is they’re fitted with sound absorbing mesh heads. Traps electronic ride, crash and hi hat cymbals are also constructed from durable ABS with rubber playing surfaces to absorb impact noise and built in triggers. Electronic sets use the same steel-tubed rack system to mount drum and cymbal hardware as their acoustic brothers but with an extra piece of tubing on the hi hat side to accommodate the brand new and specially produced 408 ‘brain’.
The easily manageable E400 box contains 5 drums with mesh heads: 10, 12 and 14” toms, 20” bass and 12” snare; 5 moulded drum triggers, colour coded cables, two electronic cymbals, a pair of electronic hi hat cymbals, hi hat stand with trigger module, kick pedal, two boom cymbal arms, snare basket and CE approved quality headphones and a brand spanking new Traps-produced brain complete with power supply.
As far as the digital sounds encapsulated within the E-408 Traps brain are concerned there are well over a hundred high quality samples captured within eight different sets each with three switchable sound and instrument variations The fourth option for each set contains A and B music loops pertinent to that set: Latin, Jazz, Rock, Orchestral and so on. All loops have been especially composed to usefully play along to.
The eight sets are each composed of 9 sounds: 3 toms, kick, crash, ride, hat open, hat closed, chick, snare, (including x-stick and rimshot). The different sets are: A400, Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, SFX, Ethno, Techno, Doom and Orchestral. (Orchestral includes 3 timps, orchestral bass and snare, Clash cymbals, gong, triangle, wood block and so on. Techno includes those evocative ‘diddleydoo’ sounds of yesteryear. SFX unashamedly boasts burps, shrieks, screams and farts!) All the controls are easily accessible on top of the ‘brain’ and even easier to operate. Two incremental push buttons select one of the eight sets while a further pair step through the four alternates for each. Bright LEDs show which set is selected and when it is being triggered. Otherwise there are a couple of large volume pots to control input volume from any external audio source and headphone volume.
The back of the brain has a collection of jack sockets for input of triggers from drums, hi hat and cymbals, audio, power and headphones as well as outputs for PA and MIDI.   
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