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The darker side of Dave Weckl's cymbal sound: HHX Legacy

Comprising 14" Hi-Hats, 10" and 12" Splashes, 17" and 18" Crashes, 20" and 21" Legacy Rides, a 22" Heavy Ride, and a 20" Ozone Ride, Sabian introduced its HHX Legacy series at winter Namm show 2006. With its innovative 'Tone Texture' sound, Legacy was created in collaboration with Dave Weckl, and joins the award-winning HHX Evolution as the legendary young drummer's choice of cymbal sound. Legacy is a deeper, darker contrast to the brighter sound of Evolution.
Commented Sabian master product specialist Mark Love, with whom Weckl developed both Legacy and Evolution: "Legacy is one of the most in-depth cymbal projects Sabian has undertaken, with Dave Weckl testing various prototypes in performance and recording situations over several years. The 'Tone Texture' feature of Legacy stems from Dave's desire to have deeper, darker sounds combining with rich musical tonalities, creating an extended tonal palette."
Added Weckl, who plays Legacy on their own or mixes them with Evolution models: "Legacy is the darker side of my sound. These cymbals are vibrant, trashy and beautiful.. all at once. 'Tone Texture' gives these cymbals a great deal of dark, musical color that encompasses the full tonal spectrum but digs way down deep, for a broader, more complex tonal personality. The hats 'speak' crisply and cleanly, but always with that simmering HHX tone. The Legacy Ride has great articulation over a dark cushion of sound, while the Heavy Ride is big, clean and crisp yet warm. The crashes are punchy, dark and complex. They're designed to punctuate without overpowering. For something different there's the O-Zone Ride which has five 2" holes in its upper half and is great for riding or crashing; I can sit back on it or dig in and stir up a turbulence of dark, angry tone. "The 'Tone Texture' of these cymbals makes Legacy a compelling consideration for any drummer looking for sounds that offer a new richness to their playing."
According to Love, the Legacy sound has been created using a wide variety of unique designs and a wide mix of creative methods. "Dave is extremely particular about sound, so each model in the Legacy line was created on the basis of the sound he was seeking, so various hammering and lathing techniques have been employed by our artisans."
Legacy cymbals are individually handcrafted from Sabian B20 'cast' bronze. They are available exclusively in Natural Finish.
Dave Weckls and the HHX Legacy series by Sabian
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