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Ludwig introduces limited edition stainless steel drum outfit

Ludwig stainless steel limited edition In the late 1970’s, the Ludwig Stainless Steel drum outfit was a major force in rock, For example, legendary John Bonham of Led Zeppelin used to play one. An instant classic of its time, top drummers ruled and drum fans drooled when it came to the sound and image surrounding Ludwig Stainless Steel. Fast forward to 2006, when Ludwig has introduced its new limited edition Stainless Steel Drum Outfit, the model L8264. Originally introduced in 1976 and discontinued only a few years later, Ludwig Stainless Steel has reached legend status. This special re-issue of 100 outfits is true to its history.
The five-piece outfit includes a 14 x 26” bass drum with Classic spurs, large Classic lugs, shell mount cymbal holder and double tom holder. The floor toms (16 x 18” and 16 x 16”) also feature Classic legs and large Classic lugs. A 12 x 15” tom with Classic tom mount, long lugs and Ludwig mount are standard. The snare drum is a 6.5 x 14” Supra-Phonic model L402 aluminum, chrome-plated drum.
The recommended hardware package is the Ludwig 900 Series modular series with professional level snare stand, boom stand, mini-boom stand, hi-hat stand and foot pedal.
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