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Paiste announces major 2002 expansion

Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announced a major expansion of the 2002 series at the 2007 winter Namm show. 2002 cymbals were introduced in 1971 to address the sound needs of the new and exploding genres of electrified Rock music. In the late 1990’s and throughout the 2000’s, musicians are returning to the exploration of the textures and dynamics of Rock’s origins, which coincide with the era of the launch of the 2002 series.
As scores of drummers rediscover the timeless sound of 2002, Paiste continues to see a steady increase in demand for 2002 cymbals, and along with that, a strong demand for additional models in the venerable series.
Following last year’s introduction of the 2002 Wild Crash, Paiste now introduces the corresponding Wild Ride in 20” and 22” sizes, and Wild Hats in 14” and 15” sizes. These models feature the same meaty and roaring character that made the Wild Crash a runaway success. In addition, Paiste introduces the Wild Crush Ride in 18”, 19” and 20” sizes, a cymbal that is specifically designed for huge, roaring crashes and crash/ride patterns.
As Rock music re-orients itself to its origins, larger cymbals with authentic sound are also again in demand. To answer this trend, Paiste re-launches a number of sizes from the classic 2002 line-up. These include the Crash in 22” and 24”, the China in 22”, and the Medium Hi-Hat in 15” sizes. The prototypical Power Ride in 20” and 22” sizes also returns to the 2002 line.
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