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Sabian revamp Xs20 series of B20 bronze cymbals

Cymbal makers Sabian has given Xs20, their mid-priced B20 bronze cymbal series an enhanced new look. Sabian director of sales, Peter Stairs, describes the new look – tonal grooves cut into the surface of the cymbal by hand-cut lathing – as “being in response to consumer requests for a more professional look.”
Originally introduced after a 10-year R&D program in search of a means to create quality B20 ‘cast’ bronze cymbals at a mid price point, Xs20 cymbals are made by Sabian craftsmen using an innovative combination of hands-on expertise and proprietary hi-tech crafting.
Stairs continued, “This cymbal isn’t about bronze containing 10% or 12% tin… Xs20 contains 20% tin... the maximum. The more tin, the more durable the metal is and the more musical the cymbal will be. Combine 20% tin with 80% silver-bearing copper plus the Sabian ‘Secret Process’ and there is no better metal. This new look along with the great sound of Xs20 will continue to elevate the value of Xs20 well above anything and everything near its price range.”
Crafted exclusively in Natural Finish, Xs20 cymbals are available individually and in ‘Sonically Matched’ sets. These B20 ‘cast’ bronze cymbals are quality-protected by the SABIAN One-Year Warranty. “Xs20 is a value-packed, exciting series, and this new look and brand personality are part of a positioning strategy designed to better communicate that value to the market,” concluded Stairs.
full set of rveamped Xs20 cymbals
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