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Joey Jordison Artist Kit by Pearl Drums

With a Slipknot album recently released and a World Tour in full swing Joey Jordison is firmly back in the Limelight. Therefore Pearl has produced this "Special Edition" Joey Jordison Artist Kit equipped with Slipknot logo heads and his Signature Series Snare Drum.
The Joey Jordison Limited Edition Kit features SST Shell Technology and comprises two 22"x18" Bass Drums including Signature Heads, 10"x8" Tom, 12"x9" Tom, 13"x10" Tom, 14"x14" Floor Tom, 16"x16" Floor Tom, JJ-1365 Signature Snare Drum, H-72W Hi-Hat Stand, S-70W Snare Stand, C-70W Cymbal Stand, 3- B-70W Boom Stands, two P-120P bass drum pedals, and HA-100 Hi-Hat to Bass attachment,
To complete your special Joey Jordison drum set you can add some 'Slipknot Special Edition' cymbals.
Joey Jordison Artist Kit
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