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As a musician or a retailer, you know what it is to uncrate an instrument and experience that universal urge: I have to play this, now! That�s the feeling we�ve built into our proud commemorative series: LP 45th Anniversary Congas. It�s the feeling you get when you spy one of the originals from the mid-sixties in the clutter of a second-hand store. Despite the dust, the drum�s still looking and sounding good. Really good. We�ve recreated that vibe in each of our new LP 45th Anniversary Congas, Bongos, Cowbell, and Cabasa. LP has been crafting the finest, most innovate and durable percussion instruments for almost five decades! The limited edition LP 45th Anniversary Congas are easy to spot, beginning with the unique 45th anniversary engraving, applied to a specially contoured 30� tall kiln-dried ash wood shell that fairly beams with pride of place. We�ve applied a thin layer of reinforcing fiberglass to the upper quadrant of the inner shell. It provides solidity and also tightens up upper harmonic, rather like a reinforcement hoop on a vintage drumset tom. The Comfort Curve II Extended-Collar rims (and other hardware) is made of brushed nickel, cool in a retro sense. It diffuses stage lights almost as if it were silver or vintage pewter. Slap the hand-selected rawhide head and allow this drum to resonate. This drum exudes richness Tuning lugs are heavy duty 3/8� diameter, along with premium heavy duty LP Heart Side Plates. Of course, no LP conga would be complete without ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors to prevent marring of adjacent drums. As is LP�s custom, an accessory pouch houses an included wrench and LP Lug Lube. LP 45th Anniversary Bongos feature the same luxurious brushed nickel Comfort Curve II Extended Collar Rims and hardware. The drum shell spotlights an engraved 45th anniversary logo. A special selection of thin, consistent rawhide heads also branded with the 45th anniversary logo completes the look of these fine bongos. Similarly, the limited edition LP 45th Anniversary Mambo Cowbell takes us back to salsa halls with sweating walls. A raised, sharp playing surface affords the proper stick-to-bell attitude, while sonic output is throaty and dry, noticeably deeper than other LP timbale bells. Rounding off our historic collection, the LP 45th Anniversary Cabasa is a reminder that one of LP�s earliest innovations has become one of the most popular percussion instruments of all time! Seemingly endless loops of steel bead chain wrap around a uniquely textured stainless steel cylinder, permitting permutations of two basic techniques: long, glissando-like rotations and shorter shaking motions. The magic, then as now, lies in how the player juggles these techniques in the name of diverse timbres. A 45th Anniversary logo tops this very special recreation. LP celebrates our passion, fully forty-five years running, with these beautiful drums and, truth is, you want to play them, don�t you! LP201AX-45 LP 45th Anniversary Bongos LP522Z-45 LP 45th Anniversary 11� Quinto LP559Z-45 LP 45th Anniversary 113/4� Conga LP552Z-45 LP 45th Anniversary 121/2� Tumba LP229-45 LP 45th Anniversary Cowbell LP234A-45 LP 45th Anniversary Afuche/Cabasa
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