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Digital Drums 502-J by Gear4music is designed to break a price-barrier

Gear4music introduces the Digital Drums 502-J Electronic Kit which is an advanced drum set at a retail price at a fraction of the cost of a high end electronic kit. It is a fully featured 5-piece set made up of a snare pad, three toms, hi-hat and cymbals, and is shipped with both kick and hi-hat control pedals, recommended even for an expert player looking for a practice kit or software trigger.
The 502-J includes 215 multi-sampled drum, cymbal and percussive sounds which react precisely to the strength with which the pad is hit. Organised into 30 fully customisable kits, the 502-J provides a foundation for building personal sets. 50 backing tracks are included, with the ability to remove individual drum parts from the music. Each drum pad has a precise velocity response, allowing for everything from subtle rolls to the harsh hits. Thanks to interchangeable drum heads the kit can be customised to personal preference.
The 502-J has an array of advanced connections onboard. Each pad has an individual audio output, as well as the main stereo output, allowing for advanced routing and effects combinations. An auxiliary-in allows for connection of an external sound device, allowing for jamming and creating with favourite songs. The addition of MIDI out means the sonic possibilities are expandable to a large range of sounds by hooking the 502-J up with an external sound module or software based instrument.
"We have worked hard to develop an electronic drum kit that offers professional level features at a price point achievable by everyone," said Mike Langley, drum and percussion expert at Gear4music. "The Digital Drums 502-J exceeds this specification, providing a highly flexible kit that should meet the needs of the most demanding of drummers."
The kit is also available in a package that includes stool, headphones and extra drum sticks.
DD502-J by Gear4music
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