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Brady Drums launches additions to snare drum ranges

Brady Drums has added a new finish to its line of ply drums, the Eastern Australian timber Brushbox. The timber features visually outstanding grain patterns, making it a perfect candidate to join the family of striking Brady ply drum finishes. This face veneer becomes an integral part of the drum shell at the time of shell manufacture. As with all Brady ply drums, they are hand-crafted in a revolutionary straight grain method, allowing all timber grain to run in the same horizontal direction, resulting in more resonance and projection from the drum shell. Brushbox is available in all sizes in Brady's range of ply snare drums and drum kits at no additional charge. It is available in a satin or high gloss finish.
In its range of Exotic Block snare drums, Brady currently features the unique Tasmanian Blackwood. This timber is unusually soft for Australian standards, providing a new sound for Brady Block snare drums. It creates extraordinarily mellow and warm characters, reminiscent of the so-often mentioned and sought-after vintage sound. All Brady's Block Drums are hand-crafted in small numbers in a 'stave' or 'barrel' construction method, each creating their own unique sound. Since Brady drums are usually crafted from much denser Australian hardwoods, this addition fills a gap in the sound spectrum of the Block Snare Drum range. Tasmanian Blackwood is available in Natural Satin or Natural Gloss finish.
Brady snares made of exotic Australian timber
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