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Apogee launches guitar player's interface GiO for Apple Mac

Shipping from September 2009, Apogee introduced GiO, an audio interface and foot controller for the Mac, designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s Logic Studio and GarageBand ’09. Powered by USB and built into a rugged aluminum case, GiO gives guitar players hands-free control over recording and many new features in Logic Studio, including Amp Designer, Pedalboard, MainStage 2, Playback and Loopback. GiO is also plug-and-play with GarageBand ’09 making it easy for GarageBand users to connect their guitar to their Mac and control recording functions and stompbox effects with their feet.
“Our Mac-only focus has allowed us to offer highly refined, innovative products, and give our customers an incredible experience.” said Betty Bennett, CEO of Apogee. “With GiO, users of the new Logic Studio and GarageBand ’09 have amps, stompboxes, recording control and legendary Apogee sound right at their feet, whether they’re in the studio, at home, or on stage.”
GiO’s instrument input is specially designed for guitar and the 1/4” stereo output for headphones, monitors or guitar amplifier. GiO’s five transport control buttons let guitar players record, play, stop and quickly navigate through a project without taking their hands off their guitar. The same buttons can be assigned to functions selected by the user with MainStage 2, Apple’s live performance application. Guitar players can use the five stompbox buttons to individually control their favorite Pedalboard effects in Logic Studio while GiO’s color indicators automatically adjust to match the colors displayed onscreen.
System requirements include an Apple Mac with an Intel or PowerPC G5 processor, 1 GB minimum of installed RAM, operating system 10.5.7 or greater, and either Apple’s GarageBand ’09 or Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Logic Express 9.
Apogee GiO USB guitar interface for Apple Macintosh
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