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Neil Part - Anatomy of a drum solo

“The drum solo is a tradition handed down to us, our heritage, as it were, and it is a heritage worth celebrating. Giants have come before us, and giants will come after, but even while us mere mortals play in their shadows, we can be inspired to aim just a little higher every day - or every night.”(Neil Peart, Modern Drummer, March 2006)
Produced by the team of Rob Wallis and Paul Siegel, Hudson Music’s double-DVD, “Anatomy of a Drum Solo”, presents newly-recorded, in-studio footage of legendary drum artist Neil Peart analyzing, discussing and dissecting his unique approach to the art of soloing. Using “Der Trommler”, a live drum solo performed and recorded during Rush’s 2004 European tour, as a framework, Neil talks candidly and in great detail about each section of the nine-minute tour-de-force; describing the inspiration and the conceptual thinking behind each part of the solo and then explaining and demonstrating the techniques required to play that segment.
The three hour and twenty-two minute, two-disc DVD set also includes several exclusive interactive features such as a Camera Option during Neil’s performance of “Der Trommler”, that allows the viewer to choose between the program edit and two, isolated cameras for different views, and an Alternate Edit option during his analysis of the performance that gives the viewer the ability to choose between the program edit or an alternate edit with the playing example shown full-screen without Neil’s commentary. In addition, Neil’s entire performance of “Der Trommler” has been transcribed note-for-note and is included on the disc as a printable PDF file.
Additional chapters and material on “Anatomy of a Drum Solo” include “Exploration #1” and “Exploration #2”, completely improvised workouts at the drums, each over thirty-minutes long; “Ich Bin Ein Hamburger”, a never-before-released solo recorded in Hamburg, Germany in September, 2004; “O Baterista”— Neil's Grammy Award-nominated solo (previously released on the Rush in Rio DVD); Live Rush performances of “Tom Sawyer” and “Subdivisions” from the 2004 European Tour shot from the perspective of the drum cameras; a previously unreleased solo from Rush’s 1994 Counterparts Tour; extensive Bonus Materials, including interviews with Lorne Wheaton (Neil’s drum tech) and Paul Northfield (Rush co-producer and engineer), video of Lorne setting up and talking about Neil’s drumkit, a full-color booklet, a photo gallery and more.
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