Line 6 reveals studio modelers

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In response to the demand from the DJ, studio and recording markets for their stompbox modelers, Line 6 lauchend the new line of Studio Modeler rack processors. Featuring the Echo Pro, Mod Pro, and Filter Pro, these single space rack units mine the last 40 years of stompbox and effects design and match it up with the latest digital signal processing.
Expansive MIDI features, all analog bypass, expression pedal control and 99 program memories give a lot of creative options. Dedicated knobs and back-lit buttons provide effect control in the studio and for live performance. The Studio Modeler Rack processors are aiming at the studio Pro-Audio gear head, the hard-working DJ, and the performing guitarist. Tempo controls constantly translate delay times and modulation rates from milliseconds or Hz to BPM and back again with the flexibility of 16th, 8th, , , and whole notes - plus their triplet and dotted brethren. Simply tap a tempo or lock to MIDI Clock and dial in the perfect note rhythm to match any groove at any tempo.
Echo Pro features all of the delay models from the DL4 delay modeler, plus a 60 second loop sampler. Mod Pro includes all of the models from MM4 modulation modeler and Filter Pro delivers all of the models from FM4 filter modeler.
All Studio Modelers feature dual-view (time/speed/bpm) display automatically calculating rhythmic delay times or modulation rates based on tempo, a variety of rhythmic choices from whole note to sixteenth note triplet, tap tempo allows with a range between 23 and 400 bpm, MIDI clock sync, 24-bit processing and A/D/A conversion, 99 user definable programs, balanced XLR and unbalanced inch inputs and outputs, internal power supply. Echo Pro is shipping, Filter Pro and Mod Pro will start shipping in late 2001.
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