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Animals As Leaders to appear at the Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013

Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes
Tosin Abasi (photo: right) and Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders
Formed in 2007 by guitarist Tosin Abasi in California and currently one of the hottest acts in djent metal, Animals As Leaders are one of the first main acts of the Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013. A self-taught guitar player, Tosin Abasi already unveiled his first 8-string signature model by Ibanez at Winter NAMM 2013. Together with his band mate Javier Reyes, he will prove that there is a lot more to play on eight strings than 'just' djent.
Bass player Gary Willis will also be part of the Ibanez Guitar Festiva 2013. He is a founding member of the alternative-Fusion Band Tribal Tech and started playing the bass at age 13. His 'game-changing' solo records have a massive influence on a whole generation of bass players. Gary also published some educational bass books. Together with his new trio he finished his new record 'Retro' that is strongly influenced by vintage Jazz and completely different from 'Acual Fiction' which was released in 2007.
The Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013 will take place Gutenstetten, Germany, June 22/23, 2013.
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