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TL Audio's US launch of the M4 tube console

TL Audio will launch new Fatman products at the 119th AES convention in New York. The Fatman range is designed to introduce the benefits of TL audio quality to different applications, offering ease of operation, flexibility, affordability, and superb valve sound.
The 'Fat Funker' is designed as a Tube front end for the guitar market - for live and studio use, this product has been created to add that special something to your performance. The Fat Funker is based on the Ivory 5051 unit, it features balanced inputs and outputs, optional digital output, smooth, fat sounding compressor, gate sidechain, variable impedance input, vu meter, and a specially enhanced EQ section to ensure it will respond to guitar and bass notes in the best possible way.
The '2 Fat' is a mono tube front end with mic and instrument preamp and a compressor with 15 intuitive factory settings as well as manual controls. A remake of the Fat 2, this unit now comes in a 19" rackmount, with a high quality preamp, digital output option and a 'Fat EQ' switch to enhance and fatten the overall sound. '2 Fat' has been designed to be the perfect front end to a digital recording system in home and project studios.
TL Audio will also be staging the US launch of the M4 Tube Console at the 119th AES convention in New York in October 2005. The M4 has been designed to maximize today's production techniques. Available in 16, 24, and 32 channel configurations, the M4 Tube Console combines that classic valve sound with modern functionality. Providing valve processing and digital output options, it makes a sophisticated front end solution for digital recording set ups.
See the M4 Tube Console on stand 446 at the 119th AES convention, Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, New York.
Fat Funker by TL Audio
2 Fat by TL Audio
M4 tube console by TL Audio
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