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Palmer PWT12 professional power supply for stomp boxes and other fx-units

Shipping in summer 2010, the Palmer PWT12 is a universal pedal board power supply with 12 outputs electrically isolated in pairs. Outputs 1 - 8 provide 9V DC each with a maximum current draw of 250mA per pair. Outputs 7 and 8 additionally feature a polarity switch to swap negative from center pin to barrel. Mains power input is switchable between 115V and 230V.
Outputs 9/10 provide 18V DC each with a maximum current draw of 125mA. Additionally, the upper output is switchable to 12V DC. Providing 9V DC/250mA, outputs 11/12 are also switchable to 12V AC. The green indicator LEDs turn red when alternative ouput voltages are selected.
All output pairs are individually protected against shorts and overload. When a fuse trips the LED indicator of the corresponding pair goes out. After the fault condition has been removed the fuse is automatically reset, and within a few seconds the output resumes operation indicated by the illuminated LED.
The toroidal transformer and the steel housing of the PWT12 provide smooth FX operation free of interference and hum pickup.
The PWT12 features two brackets for easy pedal board mounting while a cover plate protects the DC plugs. The DC cables can be fixed to the plate with cable ties for strain relief. The PWT12 comes with a set of 12 long DC cables.
Palmer PWT12 Spannungsverorgung
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