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Reverberation Machine features Altidude control for unique sounds

Brooklyn based Effect Pedals manufacturer Death By Audio launches the Reverberation Machine which builds upon the success the limited edition Ty Segall Sunshine Reverberation which was released 2013. The company then was swamped with requests from people looking for another great reverb pedal. The new Reverberation Machine pedal from Death By Audio is designed to deliver intense, rich reverb.
The company took inspiration from the Sunshine Reverberation and reworked the circuit from the ground up. After a year of work they finally completed what they call 'the most beautiful and intense reverb pedal we have ever heard'.
The Reverberation Machine has controls for Volume, Altitude, Reverb and Reverb Tone. The Altitude control is where the truly unique sounds can be discovered. It acts similar to a dual gain control and can take the pedal from sweet and smooth to over-the-top obliterating reverb sounds. The Reverb control blends in the reverb from whisper quiet up past the clean signal to generate atmospheric washes of beauty. It has two modes of operation for crisp shimmering reverb and a more vintage dark room sound.
All Death By Audio pedals are hand-built in Brooklyn, NY with the finest components and painstaking detail, designed to last forever.
Reverberation Machine by Death by Audio
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