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High performance, low capacitance cable by Elixir Strings

Craig Theorin Elixir Strings Product Manager Elixir Strings introduced Elixir Cables at winter NAMM 2008, representing the manufacturer’s first fretted instrument accessory outside of guitar strings. The cables can also be checked out at Musikmesse Frankfurt, stand 4.0 C27. Featuring a patent-pending design, Elixir Cables are designed to deliver the truest voice of your instrument by providing clearer high frequencies, and smoother, more balanced mids. Elixir Cables are developed by Elixir Strings and its parent company, W.L. Gore & Associates, which has been developing high performance cables for the last 50 years.
“You can hear the sweet top end with the cable,” marvels legendary guitar luthier Tom Anderson, founder of one of the world’s most highly respected guitar manufacturers, Tom Anderson Guitarworks. “It represents everything so nicely. Other cables are hard.”
Elixir Cables are available in lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 30 feet, both right and straight angle jack plugs are available. Elixir Cables also feature a combination of extreme durability and flexible, non-twist memory for superior performance and easy, efficient use. The robust, branded plugs include custom grip housings for sure handling.
“Guitarists have had to rely on cables that act as pre-set tone knobs compromising their instrument’s sonic performance,” comments Craig Theorin, product manager, Elixir Strings. “By designing a cable with one-half to one-third the capacitance of ordinary guitar cables, we’ve effectively removed the cable as a tone knob and allow musicians to hear the true voice of their instrument.”
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