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Solid Cables reveals new Dynamic Arc Beta for NAMM

At Winter NAMM show 2009, Solid Cables is pushing the boundaries of what a quality instrument cable should be with the unveiling of the Dynamic Arc Beta which is designed to be the toughest, best sounding cable in the world when teamed up with instruments utilizing single coil pick-ups.
Not only for guitarists, the Dynamic Arc Beta cable is also preferred for dub or reggae type bass guitars that need a very stout low end but a woody top end. The Dynamic Arc Beta could be your secret weapon for warmth and smooth tone without the ice pick snap or click that is usually present when using a pick.
Features of the Dynamic Arc Beta include helical wound spiral shielding, polymer suspended carbon insulator, triple strain relief, and all metal black die cast shell. All cables are hand soldered using premium grade silver alloy solder, all contact surfaces are atmospheric oxidation/contaminant cleaned and lubricated with audiophile grade metal preservative, and all mechanical components are chemically welded together.
“I am a cable fanatic and this is the very best, brightest, fullest and loudest one I’ve come across in all my travels…I was really blown away!” says Carl Verheyen who recently joined the Solid Cables artist roster. As a solo artist, a first call recording session guitarist, sideman and instructor, Carl Verheyen has established a tremendous presence in the world of guitar. Carl has shared the stage and studio with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Leanne Rimes, Max Roach, John Patitucci, Chad Wackerman, Allan Holdsworth, Cher, Supertramp, Dolly Parton, Rick Braun, Richard Elliot and the Bee Gees. Tone drips from every single note the man plays.
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