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K.M.E. Audio Systems at Club Aldiana, Tunisia

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The holiday resort Aldiana Tunisia was refurbished in late 2003. Also the sound systems in the theatre, around the pool, at the aerobic site and the disco have been replaced using K.M.E. products.
. CS 1122 and QB 1181 ET were installed at the theatre and are used for a wide range of applications including speech reinforcement, musical, classic theatre and ballet. The system power amp SPS 2400 with integrated active crossover and electronic protective circuits provides intelligibility and clear reproduction at any power stage. Active FM 1122 AE and the passive extension FM 1122 S are used as stage monitors.
The extensive pool area is equipped with QS 2062 wide coverage speakers powered by SPA 240 S. The polyurethane coated cabinets are protected against intensive sun rays and humidity. Also the cone speakers are treated against high humidity and rain providing high reliability and long-term standing. Easy transport and quick assembly of CSA 400 D active full range speakers provide the required flexibility for aerobic classes.
The pool bar of the resort has wall-mounted CS 1152 systems controlled by SPA 1200 F. Due to the highly efficient bass reproduction no subwoofers were required.
QS 2082 and QB 1181 ET mixed via K.M.E.'s club mixer CMX produce a powerful sound in the large dance area of the disco "Blue Dolphin". Using the existing rig the top units are flown. High-power subwoofers QB 1181 ET with a low tone range down to 28 Hz were stacked as bass-array in front of the DJ equipment. The system is powered by K.M.E. amps SPA 1200 MP and SPA 2400 MP.
For applications requiring a mobile audio a CS 5 PA system and multi-media amplifier MCA 150 featuring CD and tape is standing by.
Maik Walter, manager of Aldiana Management & Consulting AG Veranstaltungstechnik comments: "Apart from the sound quality, which at this price range is amazing, I would like to emphasize K.M.E's excellent customer service, especially with reference to service availability. It will certainly be difficult to find a match for this type of service anywhere in the huge audio equipment industry. Questions are promptly dealt with - a suitable solution is found in response to any unconventional problem."
Club Aldiana, Tunesia
Photo Aldiana Management & Consulting AG, CH-Pfäffikon
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