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energyXT on the portable Linux audio studio Indamixx

The Trinity Audio Group and XT Software AS have teamed up to provide a super compact DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), the Indamixx Laptop, a Linux based pre-configured music notebook with energyXT Indamixx Version comprising professional audio and recording software. The Indamixx was conceived as the intersection of pro audio engineering and mobile computing. The idea was to be able to take your studio with you. As recently as 2005, no platform existed that would allow pro audio GUI-based applications to be used on a handheld device.
The original model was built entirely on the linux platform, and entirely from scratch. Through a partnership with Intel and Samsung, the Indamixx platform found a body to inhabit. At the same time, programmers from all over the world were developing software for most pieces of audio hardware. This now allows musicians and producers to get everythin in one device instead of spending a fortune on hardware and software,
The Indamixx Laptop features full USB, LAN and VGA connectivity in order to add mass storage, large display and external audio devices whenever accessable. For mobile use there are onboard loudspeakers, microphones, display, keyboard, and mouse controls.
Installed software includes powerful recording, editing and post-production software working with ALSA. Applications range from audio editing tool Audacity to powerful professional software Ardour which for example is teached at the SAE schools of audio engineering. Other tools allow for ripping and mastering CDs. There are synthesizers and music players as well as communucation programs like the Firefox browser and the multi-platform messenger Pidgin which is compatible with all protocols ranging from MSN and Yahoo to AIM, Gmail and ICQ.
The CEO of XT Software, Havard K. Bjor, believes Indamixx Laptop will be a perfect buy for anyone to produce or broadcast music, including schools and educational institutions with music software education.
Indamixx Laptop Linux based music workstation
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