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JBL's Control 2P powered monitor for broadcast, installations and desktop audio

JBL Control 2P powered reference monitor JBL Professional debuted the the Control 2P powered Creference monitor at InfoComm 2008. Designed for a range of applications in broadcast, desktop audio production and commercial audio installations, the Control 2P was also featured at IBC 2008, and at PLASA 2008, London.
Delivering a powerful, accurate, yet affordable reference monitor for a variety of environments, JBL Professional introduces a 5-inch two-way powered stereo system with accuracy and features required for professional broadcast and desktop production applications. Mounting capability and compact format make the Control 2P suitable for small fixed install applications and portable presentation systems.
The Control 2P is based on the platform of its predecessor Control 1 Pro, Utilizing the same studio-quality transducers and crossover, it incorporates internal amplification and features for professional audio production and installation. The system includes two speakers, one of which incorporates power amplification and user controls for itself and the connected passive speaker. Snap-on pedestals are included to optimize the listening angle for desktop production applications.
Peter Chaikin, Director of Marketing, Recording & Broadcast, JBL Professional says, “Affordable computer-based desktop audio/video production is driving the need for an affordable yet accurate reference monitor. Additionally, broadcasters have an ongoing need for a compact, high-quality professional monitor that will perform reliably in fixed and mobile systems. And systems integrators need a compact high fidelity system for use in environments such as small conference rooms and commercial spaces.”
The Control 2P also incorporates convenient features for professional desktop production including: a headphone jack; side-mounted large volume control which simultaneously controls the left and right speakers; an internal peak limiter that protects the system from damage caused by continuous overdriving; and an overload protection system with an LED indicator. A high-frequency contour control allows the user to tailor high-frequency response to application requirements. Included snap-on pedestals elevate the front of each Control 2P speaker to optimize the listening angle in desktop applications.
With impressive output and accuracy in a compact form-factor, the Control 2P is also a suitable utility monitor for the professional broadcast environment. Meeting the needs of broadcasters, the Control 2P includes magnetically shielded transducers for use near magnetically sensitive equipment, and balanced XLR inputs that allow connection to professional recording and broadcast equipment. Integrated mounting capability and an optional mounting kit allow the system to be wall mounted in broadcast facilities.
Small conference rooms and portable presentation systems can also benefit from the P2's high output and sound. Light weigt and smal size of the system allows the Control 2P to be easily transported in a shoulder bag, along with a portable projector and laptop. The Control 2P features unbalanced RCA inputs for connection to consumer-level devices including projector outputs, CD players, computers and personal music playback systems. For fixed installation applications, the Control 2P is wall-mount capable with an optional mounting kit.
The Control 2P system includes one powered “master” speaker, one passive extension speaker, and power supply,.The Control 2P powered Master speaker is also available separately with a power supply. The optional MTC-2P Mounting Kit contains two wall-mount brackets and a power supply holster.
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