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nobeo 1 HD truck uses most advanced digital audio distribution

German broadcast service provider nobeo, equipped its new 16 camera HD truck with a digital intercom matrix from Riedel Communications. The truck maintains the same high standards as nobeo’s studio facilities and can be used for applications ranging from live shows to sporting events.
To manage the high demands of the communication infrastructure, nobeo 1 is equipped with a 176 x 176 Riedel Artist intercom matrix. The system consists of Artist 128 and Artist 64 mainframes connected via fibre – both equipped with redundant CPUs and power supplies. The system offers maximum reliability: PSUs and the CPUs are all hot swappable.
Six MADI-108 G2 client cards connect the Lawo mixing console to the Artist intercom. The console works in conjunction with a redundant Nova73HD routing system enabling intercom panels to be patched through the router. This set-up ensures that even complex live productions and music recordings are possible using a Sequoia HD 64-track audio recording system. An ITU certified 5.1 system is used in the production room and the audio editing suite.
“With nobeo 1 we now have a HD truck that is as technically advanced as possible. The Artist intercom matrix from Riedel facilitates the perfect integration of the whole setup. It delivers the quality and reliability we need for highly demanding productions,” said Guido Amann, chief technician at nobeo GmbH.
A total of 45 Riedel Artist 1000 series control panels were used in the truck. Accessible via an auxiliary Line-In/Out, the panels offer a second, independent audio channel also being transported through the one cable to the matrix. This second channel can be used for monitor speakers or to transmit the audio of the commentator.
The nobeo 1 truck is already equipped to connect to other OB trucks. The fiber ring at the rear of nobeo 1 can be opened to provide additional connectivity to any other Artist intercom systems the truck may encounter in the field. Two Connect IP interfaces allow connections to remote panels through IP networks.
nobeo 1 HD truck
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