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Omniline micro-array by Martin Audio at PLASA 2008

Omniline micro-array by Martin Audio Originally launched at InfoComm 2008, Las Vegas, Martin Audio is again highlighting its versatile Omniline micro-line-array system at InfoComm 2009, in Orlando, Florida, Omniline is designed for both foreground applications and sound reinforcement in architectural environments. The elimination of high-frequency sidelobes makes Omniline suitable for high quality music reproduction and speech in large, reverberant spaces. One example of a succesful installation with Omniline systems is stylish Kingly Club in London's Covent Garden.
Each Omniline array is constructed by connecting together multiple array modules. Up to 32 modules can be connected where both high output and vertical focussing down to low/mid frequencies are required. A smaller number of modules––down to 4––can be used for shorter-throw applications where vertical focussing of the low/mid frequencies is less critical.
This scalability means that Omniline can be used in an extremely wide variety of applications including airports, churches, sports venues, and entertainment complexes. Visually, an Omniline array is slim and unobtrusive, with soft lines that minimize its visual presence in an architectural environment.
Omniline achieves vertical beam forming by physically articulating individual array modules using powerful, patent-pending optimization software to curve the array rather than applying DSP to a traditional column. This enables focussed sound energy to be delivered exactly where it is needed and kept away from reflective surfaces and ceilings.
The Omniline module consists of 2 x 3.5 inch reflex-loaded, low/mid radiators either side of a central strip of 5 x .55 inch HF devices in a unique, patent-pending arrangement. The horizontal coverage angle of the Omniline array is 100° at the -6dB points. Its constant-directivity pattern control is exceptional; with very smooth off-axis frequency response curves that track the on-axis response exactly. The array is very clean and musical with a smooth, full-frequency performance down to 85Hz.
Also showing at InfoComm 2008 will be Martin Audio’s new W8VDQ compact, three-way system which combines line array and differential dispersion technologies to provide an advanced solution to the requirement for even coverage over wide angles and throw distances.
The system has been designed to provide a short-throw horizontal dispersion of 120°, narrowing to 100° as the throw increases. The vertical differential directivity (VDQ) creates progressively more HF output as throw distance increases. The resulting dispersion pattern is ideally suited to covering audiences located on flat, or gradually sloping surfaces. Designed for passive or bi-amp operation, and combining a Hybrid quad 8in LF and MF configuration with quad 1in HF — the system achieves a maximum SPL of 131dB (continuous), 137dB (peak).
Aimed at a wide range of applications, from live and theatre sound to fixed installations, the W8VDQ is compatible with WMX, WS18X and WS218X subwoofers.
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