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Klein + Hummel expands its CLS series of slim line loudspeakers

Klein + Hummel took the opportunity of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2009 show and prolight+sound show Frankfurt 2009 to expand its visually appealing CLS Series of slim-line loudspeakers which also will be showcased at at InfoComm 2009, in Orlando, Florida, booth #5733.
The expanded CLS With special features like a DSP-loaded power amplifier and virtual effects on the FX version, the CLS-2 Series is ideal for such applications as point-of-sale digital displays or multi-media shows. In addition Klein + Hummel is also debuting the CLS-3 Series column loudspeakers for wall-mounting in locations where high ceilings or the architectural or visual design limits speaker placement for distributed public address or background music applications.
The CLS-2FX Series of loudspeakers consists of two-inch drivers, divided into two circuits for stereo applications, mounted into a slim aluminium extrusion that has been exactly cut to the most common flat panel display sizes. Built-in digital signal processing creates virtual subwoofer effects to add impact to in-store displays and conference room presentations. A universal voltage power amplifier provides up to 107dB SPL (peak level @ 1 meter). Options include custom variations in length and colour.
The slim-line speakers are perfect for use in a retail shop with a digital display while the CLS-3 sound columns offer terrific audio projection over greater distances in places sensitive to clean architectural design."
The CLS-3 sound columns are small line-array devices designed for use on walls or on structural columns in spaces where speakers cannot be mounted on high ceilings or the visual design limits available speaker mounting locations. Utilizing three-inch full-range drivers, CLS-3 sound columns offer exceptional sound with tightly controlled dispersion. Short units will project over a distance of up to nearly twelve feet while longer units will project over thirty-nine feet. Custom variations in length, colour, circuitry, and passive or active operation are available upon special order.
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