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Stylish conference communication solution by beyerdynamic and Rosenthal

At prolight+sound show 2008 in Frankfurt audio specialist beyerdynamic and the furniture manufacturer Rosenthal Einrichtung announced that the two companies teamed up for highly stylish communication solutions in conference rooms. This was highlighted at InfoComm 2008, Las Vegas. At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2009, Amsterdam, the Revoluto microphone units for the wireless MCW-Digital 50 conference system was introduced.
The technology must meet the highest demands, and should operate inconspicuously and discretely in the room and furniture where it is to be integrated. beyerdynamic and Rosenthal Einrichtung have joined forces and developed a desktop connector panel with integrated microphone unit, which meets the highest demands and satisfies with its design. The microphone unit is the perfect component to support communication in discussions without compromising the visual impression of the table and room.
The desktop connector panel featuring beyerdynamic's patented Revoluto technology is available in two variants.
Together with a table system from Rosenthal Einrichtung the microphone unit can perfectly be integrated into the table. Only minor gaps of the microphone unit’s lid testify the presence of this technology. In addition, this version provides the patented “CSN” cable management from Rosenthal Einrichtung.
The second version is folded from above into the table and can be integrated into any existing table system. This solution provides a precious Nextel finish in “dark black” which integrates visually into table surfaces of the most diverse materials.
Both versions are available as a simple variant with one microphone button or with additional functions such as language selector, display and voting. They are controlled with the wired MCS Digital 200 conference system. A visual highlight is the engraved glass cover of the desktop connector panel with microphone unit which can also be illuminated. Under its glass surface are touch-sensitive buttons to effect the desired function by slight touching. When pressing on the lid with one finger, it is opened by a gas spring.
In addition to the classic functions of a conference system, the connector panel with microphone unit provides connections for a laptop to a local network. Optional there are interfaces for power, LAN, VGA and a freely programmable button.
Revoluto unit openRevoluto closed
At ISE 2009 beyerdynamic introduces the Revoluto microphone units for the wireless MCW-Digital 50 conference system. The advantages of the wireless conference system and the Revoluto technology are combined in one product. These microphone units provide more flexibility and freedom of movement in meetings and discussions. Due to the transport and charging case the microphone units can easily and quickly be set up and removed at any time. The integrated microphone array provides the participants with more freedom of movement; they can lean back on their chair, turn their head or even stand up.
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